The GC x GC Round Robin Group


The widespread use of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography in industrial and environmental chemical analysis.


To promote world-wide acceptance of GCXGC techniques by providing a framework for review and optimization of GCXGC analytical methods via round robin (multi-lab) studies conducted by members of the group, or as requested of the group by recognized standards bodies. Recognize outstanding contributions to advancement of GCXGC through the award of the Phillips Prize.


The GC x GC Round Robin Group is a non-profit 501-C Corporation of the State of Texas, USA. Its Board of Trustees and Officers have responsibility for adminstrative oversight.  Three Committees oversee operations: the Steering Commitee, the Scientific Advisory Board, and the Prize Committee


The GC x GC Round Robin Group will meet each year at the following analytical chemistry conferences:

The Pittsburg Conference on Analytical Chemistry
International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and Electorphoresis
The Gulf Analytical Summit

Meetings at other conferences will be considered as group membership expands.

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