Minutes 01

First Meeting of the GC x GC Round Robin Group:

Monday, September 19, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
Moody Gardens Convention Center
Galveston, Texas

In cooperation with:

September 19-20, 2005
Moody Gardens Convention Center
Galveston, Texas

Minutes of the First GCXGC Round Robin Group Meeting
Moody Gardens Hotel, Galveston, Texas, September 19th, 2005.

Edward B. Ledford - Zoex Corporation, TX, USA
Frank P. Dissanzo – ExxonMobil, NJ, USA
James McCurry – Agilent Technologies, DE, USA
Lawrence Matengula - Zoex Corporation, TX, USA
Gianluca Stani – SRA Instruments Italia, Italy
Jean-Marie Djimandja – Spellman College, GA, USA
Mario Ibarra, Intertek Caleb Brett, TX, USA
Stephen Reichenbach, GC Image/ University of Nebraska, NE, USA
Randy Shearer, GE Ionics, CO, USA


- Meeting opened 7:30 pm. Edward Ledford chaired the meeting

- Members introductions

- Discussion on the formation of GCXGC Round Robin Group started, guided by the website format and content

- Members discussed and agreed the following

o To refine the mission statement of the group to read as follows: “To promote world-wide acceptance of GCXGC techniques by providing a framework for review and optimization of GCXGC analytical methods via round robin (multi-lab) studies conducted by members of the group, or as requested of the group by recognized standards bodies. Recognize outstanding contributions to advancement of GCXGC through the award of the Phillips Prize”.

o Agreed on the organization by committees; Steering Committee, Scientific Advisory Board, Prize committee.

o To publicly publish meetings agenda on website

o To hold meetings at major conferences, during lunch break on the second day of the conference

o Membership of the group to be open to the public until further arrangements to be discussed at a later date.

o Discussion on formation and composition of Phillips Prize committee to be discussed at next meeting. The group will research the proper procedures for administering the award

o Methods developed by the group will not be offered for sale by group.

o Numbering of methods should include indicators of the stage in the development process

o Several methods were considered for development and for round robin studies. Group discussed at length the scope of the methods; to be general and non-vendor hardware/ software specific. Members agreed that work should be started on defining and writing a method on determination of total saturates, total aromatics in mid-distillates (mostly diesels and no olefins present), n-paraffins, isoparaffins. Frank Dissanzo will provide template based on ASTM methods for this method.

o Determination of sulphur containing compounds will be left out in the first study. Members found that round robin study on the above method may be limited by the lack of available SCD s on GCXGC instruments. Randy Shearer agreed to provide a list of laboratories with SCDs and GCXGC systems or interest in the round robin studies.

o List of methods to be considered by the group was agreed to be left as provided on the website

- Next meeting to be held during Pittcon2006 at Lunch, on Tuesday

- Meeting closed at 8:50 pm


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