Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of members from industry. It oversees analytical methods submitted by members of the Round Robin Group, or by recognized standards organizations, for inter-laboratory studies (round-robins).  The Committee will review, amend, and approve methods prior to release for round-robins, and document and disseminate the results of the studies upon completion.

(Alphabetical order as of September, 2005)

Jau-Kuen Buu
GET Corporation, Taiwan

Jack Cochran
LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, Michigan, USA

Frank David
Richrom Corporation, Belgium

Frank DiSanzo
ExxonMobil, Annandale, New Jersey, USA

George Gonzalez
BSI Inspectorate, Inc., Pasadena Texas, USA

Mario Ibarra
ITS Caleb Brett, Pasadena Texas, USA

Hirooki Kanda
Gerstel K.K., Tokyo, Japan

Edward B. Ledford, Jr.
Zoex Corporation, Pasadena Texas, USA

Joel Marks
UOP, Chicago, Illinois, USA

James D. McCurry
Agilent Technologies, Little Falls, Delaware, USA

Lawrence Matengula
Zoex Corporation, Pasadena, Texas, USA

Armando Milazza
SRA Italia, Milano, Italy

Stephen E.Reichenbach
GC Image, L.L.C., Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Randy Shearer
Ionics/GE Infrastructure, Boulder, CO, USA

Gianluca Stani
SRA Italia, Milano, Italy


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